About Tokai


Who Are We?

Since 1990, TOKAI Solid Tire has harnessed Japanese manufacturing know-how, expertise from Thai academics and our own international engineering and business experience to create what are respected as some of the best quality solid tires on the market.

While we place importance on maintaining competitive prices for our clients, our primary focus has been on building our expertise in solid tire design and manufacturing. The end result of this investment in Research & Development as well as Quality Assurance has been a reliable production process that turns out a superior product which we design, produce, inspect, ship and stand behind.

Our clients know that when they're dealing with us at Tokai Solid Tire, they're dealing with experts who not only understand and meet their needs, but who control the entire process. We're not a middle man like so many others in the marketplace, we're a one-stop shop - and that begins with sourcing our own natural rubber locally.

Natural Rubber, Naturally

Thailand is the world's leader in the supply of natural rubber, so it's only natural that we have relationships with local producers that allows us to select the highest quality natural rubber to form the foundation of our tires.

Why is natural rubber important? Because it offers:

  • High Green Strength & Cohesion
  • Low Hysterisis That Translates To Low Heat Generation
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • Excellent Traction On Snow & Ice

Of course the compounding process is crucial to turning natural rubber into a highly durable finished product that fits your needs, which is why we handle all our compounding internally and use only top grade materials. In fact, we've just invested in state of the art compounding machinery that is in line with our continuous improvement philosophy, something that has yielded significant quality and efficiency gains in production.

Production & Quality Assurance

Manufacturing isn't just competitive in economic terms, it's also heavily competitive in quality terms and we have spent the last few years overhauling our entire manufacturing process to focus on quality, first, as well as effficiency.

With in-house research and change management, aided by staff attending a government-sponsored quality training program in Japan, we've completely transformed our factory floor Quality Assurance processes to adapt TQM to our production process.

This starts with the compounding process, where inputs and and outputs are tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure that they meet specifications and it continues through production, where each individual product checked and approved at every step of fabrication. When the tire rolls off the line, we give it one final quality check before storing it and shipping it to you.

Our people make our products what they are, and that's why our Quality Assurance is also heavily focused on checking processed in addition to products. We don't just have labs inspecting raw materials and inspectors checking products, we also have checkers who check inspectors and managers overseeing it all. These multiple layers of Quality Assurance result in your tires meeting, even exceeding expectations and living up to the Tokai Solid Tire brand name.

Our facility has also received ISO 9002 certification and we're proud of that, but it's the continuing work we put into continuous improvement that allows us to keep delivering innovative, realiable products to you without cutting corners on quality or driving up prices.

So, if you're interested in becoming a distributor of Tokai Solid Tires, drop us an email at info@tokaisolidtire.com or give us a call at +66 (0) 2 270 0291 and tell us what we can do to earn your business.