Tough Tires & Tracks
Made From Natural Rubber



In Black, White & Green

Our 3 Layer, 3 Shift workhorse tire is our baseline solid resilient, with natural rubber throughout, especially in our custom tread layer that wears extremely well. Easy to press, long-lasting and available in a variety of compounds based on your needs.


In Black Only

The RB is a tough, versatile solid resilient tire built with rider comfort and durability in mind. It's got a distinct traction pattern and our trademark square aperture construction, designed to maximize your comfort without weakening your carrying capacity. 

The Maximo

In Black, White & Green

Build for lighter duty use, the Maximo is a cost-conscious tire with a heart of natural rubber. It's not as beefy as our 3-layer TOKAI SD and it doesn't have that cushion layer for maximum heat transfer, but it runs right and wears well on a budget.



Smooth Press-On

In Black, White & Green

TOKAI Press-On Tires are built to last, with double-welding, testing of each band and thorough, carefully tested bonding to ensure no issues where the rubber meets the ring.

Traction Press-On

In Black, White & Green

TOKAI Press-On Cushion Tires are also available in a traction pattern, in both crown- and flat-tread design, with the same over-engineering that ensures quality every time. 



Monster Skid Steer

In Black

The Monster was designed from the ground up to tear up the ground without tearing up the ride through vibration. Our trademark square apertures ensure that, while the aggressive, direction tread pattern makes sure you can run rough and turn tight.


In Black

The D-Trac is our baseline directonal R4 skid steer tire. It featuresa good mix of R4 tread attitude and plenty of footprint. You'll recognize it as a more traditional skid steer tire design for use in construction, off-road and other rough terrain applications.


In Black

The All-Trac, featuring square apertures in certain sizes, is a fantastic compromise between footprint and traction, with a tread design that's perfect for applications in materials handling and construction where an R4 gets eaten alive. 


At Mouldmate, we don't just make TOKAI forklift and skid steer tires, we make much, much more.

OTR Tires

From 13.00-24 through 16.00-25, our OTR Tires have passed the tests and even OEM certified for major brands.

Scissor Lift & Aerial Wheels

Our mold-on wheels for scissor lift and aerial applications are used in countries around the world. We'd be happy to supply you, too.

Polyurethane Wheels

Our poly specialists work hard with our customers to ensure perfection - not even a single air bubble makes it out of our factory.

Metal-Core Rubber Tracks

Our track department has made continuous-wrap, metal core rubber tracks for CTL, Mini-Ex & Mini Ag for over a decade, with very high quality.

Run-Flat Inserts

Mouldmate works directly with our customers to develop and produce military-grade run-flat inserts that won't fail when failure isn't an option.

Even More?

Mouldmate's name says it all. We're one of the few factories of our size with the internal design, testing, compounding and engineering to handle custom needs.